Health First Improves Front-End Revenue Cycle Processes, Employee Engagement

Health First, a Central Florida health system, struggled with a variety of challenges at the front-end of the revenue cycle. Up-front collections were low, registration and eligibility errors were manually corrected downstream, and employees handling patient access did not know if they were receiving accurate information, to name a few.
The Health First quality assurance team needed a way to empower Patient Access to easily capture accurate and timely data, engage patients, and improve point-of-service collections.
With the help of patient financial clearance and QA technology, Health First implemented a unique approach that emphasized employee accountability for registration accuracy, clean claims, and increased collections.
The results, as detailed in this case study, include:
Up-front collections increased over 45%
A/R days dropped by 18%
Immediate visibility into potential registration errors
Higher employee engagement
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