RelayHealth Financial debuts new tool to help providers salvage denied claims

McKesson RelayHealth Financial is helping provider organizations collect on the estimated 6.4% of claims that are initially rejected.

Citing industry research that shows that two-thirds of those rejected claims are recoverable, the company says it has a better way to collect on those claims.   The new tool, RelayAssurance Appeals Assist, lets providers identify, create, file, and track appeals for denied claims. By flagging the problem claims, assembling and populating the required forms, and tracking their progress, Appeals Assist automates much of what RelayHealth Financial says has been a time-consuming manual process.

Payers deny an estimated 6.4 percent of all provider-submitted claims, according to RelayHealth calculations. However, two thirds of those claims are recoverable, the company claims.

 “Despite providers’ best efforts to submit clean claims, a substantial number still get denied,” said Marcy Tatsch, vice president and general manager, Reimbursement Solutions, for RelayHealth Financial. “An effective denial prevention strategy doesn’t just focus on pre-submission, but also on the other points along the claims continuum.

RelayAssurance Appeals Assist is the newest module of RelayAssurance Plus, RelayHealth Financial's cloud-based, analytics-driven claims and remittance management solution. Last month, the company introduced another module, Status Amplifier, which tracks down, inspects, and reports accurate reasons for non-payment on claims.

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